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Zooming Into Retirement

What I had at this critical moment of parting was my computer screen -- and my anticipated invisibility, as I would soon shuffle off into oblivion, writes Leah Blatt Glasser.

Saying the Right Thing

Why you should consider a guide to inclusive language for your campus and what it should cover.

Lessons From a Decentralized State

By collectively identifying and creating transfer opportunities across sectors, and bringing private and public universities to the same table, the MiTransfer Pathways project has shown what’s possible when institutions come together voluntarily.

A Misguided Plan to Promote Equity

Schuler Foundation's effort to bring low-income and minority students to small liberal-arts colleges reflects misconceptions of "white-led foundations who really don’t get it."

Who Are the Students Struggling With Online Learning?

A new survey sheds light on the current digital divide in higher education -- and what faculty can do about it in their classrooms, writes Nicole Barbaro.

Where’s the ‘Video Off’ Button in Face-to-Face Instruction?

Remote teaching has revealed the importance for students of learning new skills and taking creative risks without being watched, argues Maggie Melo.

Zooming From the Office

The uncanniness of driving to work for Zoom meetings.

An Argument for the ‘Survival of the City’

Urban life, small college towns and the pandemic.