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Microcredentials are knocking. Will higher education answer?

Tips from 10 years of Moocs at the University of Edinburgh and a call to arms to embrace technology for greater equity and financial sustainability

Mike Ibba form Chapman University on mentorship and the future of US science

What philosophers and scientists can learn from each other and the state of public funding for research.

Laura Allen from Trinity University on connecting student well-being to the natural world

Helping students get in touch with nature by combining theory, research and practice.

Unlocking People Power Through Citizen Science

Find out how engaging non-academics in research can uncover and disperse new knowledge and ways of thinking that help shape solutions to seemingly intractable problems

How to be a good mentor and mentee

Contributors from across the globe offer their advice on how to make these critical relationships work for everyone involved

Ngiare Brown | Chancellor of James Cook University

Ngiare Brown is the first female and the first indigenous chancellor of James Cook University. Here she shares what she hopes to achieve during her tenure, including making higher education a place for indigenous students

Eve Riskin | Dean of Undergraduate Education at Stevens Institute of Technology

Eve Riskin, dean of undergraduate education at Stevens Institute of Technology, talks about the power of mentorship, diversity in excellence and what she, as an electrical engineer and computer scientist, thinks about the emergence of generative AI

The AI university is coming

AI expert Ashok Goel is back on the podcast to help us understand the implications of ChatGPT for higher education and what will happen next