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What came next: THE Awards winners 2020 podcast special

Hear from some of the winners of last year’s THE awards about the projects and initiatives which saw them recognized as the best in UK higher education and how these have developed since 2020

How NYU and the University of São Paulo are thinking about climate change

Ahead of COP26, leaders at NYU and São Paulo spoke with us about how universities can be leaders in tackling the climate crisis and what they hope the summit achieves

The big ideas behind microcredentials

Two experts in flexible learning programs discuss the evolution and adoption of alternative teaching models and credentials in higher education

Bridging higher education’s new digital divide

Lauren Herckis from Carnegie Mellon University discusses her research into the new digital divide in ed-tech knowledge and pedagogical training among faculty and how universities can work to fill it

What’s needed to successfully scale higher education?

How can universities meet the growing global demand for higher education, increasing access to a wider pool of students while maintaining the quality of their teaching and learning?

What is the civic role of universities post-pandemic?

What does it mean to be a civic university in 2021 and how should institutions improve their public outreach and engagement to increase their value to wider society?

Making teaching more inclusive and equitable

How can academics ensure their teaching strategies meet the needs of diverse students and create inclusive, equitable classrooms

Rethinking the internationalization of higher education

How should international study evolve post-pandemic in order to extend the benefits of higher education to every corner of the globe?