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How to build mutually beneficial community partnerships

University leaders at Kings College London, the University of Chicago and University of Melbourne talk about working with community stakeholders in all areas of teaching and research

How to use social media to promote your work

Two scholars who have embraced social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and podcasts to communicate their research explain how they got started and what works

Lessons from leading higher ed through two years of pandemic upheaval

Two higher education leaders reflect on what they have learned in the two years since the pandemic struck

‘Higher Ed Heroes’ and their water-cooler chats about teaching

We speak to the academics behind the podcast ‘Higher Ed Heroes’ about why informal corridor conversations can be the best way for teachers to share classroom tips, advice and success stories

What does it mean to decolonize a library?

Find out what is involved in decolonizing a library from the editors of a book drawing together global perspectives on the subject

Behind two of our most-read resources on diversity statements and student well-being

We speak to the authors behind two of the most popular resources of 2021, focused on drafting diversity statements and teaching practices that support student well-being, to find out what shaped their advice

What came next: THE Awards winners 2020 podcast special

Hear from some of the winners of last year’s THE awards about the projects and initiatives which saw them recognized as the best in UK higher education and how these have developed since 2020

How NYU and the University of São Paulo are thinking about climate change

Ahead of COP26, leaders at NYU and São Paulo spoke with us about how universities can be leaders in tackling the climate crisis and what they hope the summit achieves