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The New Exit Exam ... for Jobs

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As more states and employers embrace Career Readiness Certificates, many community colleges shift role in job training and adopt new forms of testing.

The Ticktock of the Welfare Clock

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Proposed legislation would allow recipients to count up to 2 years of postsecondary education as "work," up from the current limit of 1 year.

A Compromise Voc-Ed Bill Emerges

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House-Senate conference committee votes to keep Tech-Prep program separate from state grants under Perkins program.

Preparing for the New Perkins Program

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Changes in main U.S. career and technical education program largely reinforce trends already under way at community colleges.

Helping Communities Prepare Workers

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Report examines key role of 2-year colleges in "career pathways" model of training employees for key local industries.

Profiling the Certificate Student

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They are young, career-oriented and not necessarily in it for personal enrichment, a survey finds.

A City Refills Its Plate

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After losing a popular arts and culinary university, Charleston, S.C., recruits another institution to fill the void.

Another Sector Heard From

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Technical education group offers work force-focused recommendations for improving higher education.

Mixing Theory and Practice on Defense Policy

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A relative newcomer on the Beltway scene, Missouri State's defense and strategic studies program attracts aspiring policy wonks (and hawks).

Dealing With 'Job Outs'

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At first glance, the process seems to be working as intended. Students enter work force development programs looking to begin or jump-start a career. Many are sought after, recruited and leave with a job.

But in some cases, the offers come shortly after the students begin their programs, meaning that they haven’t had a chance to earn a certificate or associate degree. This, educators worry, prevents students from reaching their long term career goals.


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