New Mexico’s Attempt to Depoliticize Board Nominations Thwarted

State senators blocked the latest effort to reform how board members at public New Mexico institutions are chosen.

Another Wave of Campus Cuts

Numerous colleges announced or completed plans to cut academic programs or jobs in February. Many of those institutions are in the Midwest—particularly Ohio.

Community Resource Dog Aids Students Having a Ruff Day

Colleges and universities are employing working dogs to build connections between students and campus police forces.

Survey: Graduate Students Expect a Financial Return on Investment

A new survey finds graduate students want greater transparency about outcomes prior to enrolling in an advanced degree program.

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The War on Terror Never Ended

The current assault on academic freedom operates through anti-Muslim racism, Mariam Durrani and Sarah Ghabrial write.

What’s Lost in Dismantling DEI Offices

Colleges should back up their diversity commitments in their organizational structures, Eugene T. Parker III writes.


Top 10 Changes Colleges and Universities Need to Implement

And why it’s so hard to take these steps.

3 Questions for Lee Bradshaw on Rhodes Advisors

A conversation with an old friend on his new consulting company.

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Presidents’ and Boards’ Reciprocal Relationship

Peter Eckel and Cathy Trower describe the ways boards and presidents must work together to understand each other’s needs and devise ways to deliver on them.

Scaffolding Text Synthesis for Graduate Students

Katie Homar and Stacy Sabraw explain why the ability to communicate insights from multiple sources to different audiences is crucial as Ph.D.s pursue their careers.


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