Innovative Teacher-Prep Programs Aim to Fix K-12 Shortages

Enrollment in teacher-preparation programs is still about 45 percent lower than in 2010, but there are signs it’s rebounding. Some experts credit a spate of efforts to make getting a teaching degree more affordable.

College Network to Nurture Rural Students Set to Expand

Last summer 16 institutions formed the STARS network to open their doors to more rural and small-town students. Now, thanks to a generous donation, it’s doubling in size.

Listen: How Digital Applications Help Students’ Mental Health, and What We Don’t Know

In the latest Voices of Student Success episode, hear about the rise of mental health applications for college students and the need for research and outcomes data for better decision-making for leaders.

Expanding Community College Access for High School Students

Partnerships between high schools and community colleges are increasing opportunities for high school students to earn college credits.

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Robert’s Rules of (Campus) Order

To teach students to debate better, colleges already have a proven, 150-year-old method they can draw on, Jason V. Morgan writes.

How Do I Teach at a University That Wants Me in Jail?

Rosemary Admiral writes that her sense of belonging at her institution has been shattered.


The End of the Road

How literature can illuminate a president’s decision to forgo re-election and unmask the complexities of aging and betrayal and manipulation in politics.

Featured Gig: Associate Director, Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation at the University System of Maryland

Are you running a search at the intersection of learning, technology and institutional change?

Career Advice

A Better Approach to Searches for Successful College Presidents

David Wippman and Glenn C. Altschuler encourage colleges to think beyond the model they often use, highlighting some problematic assumptions and practices.

3 Ways to Improve Your Summer Writing Practice

Erin Marie Furtak has found that asking herself three questions has helped her transition not just out of the academic year but also back into the fall term.


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