A new survey found students had difficulty accessing mental health care and experienced higher rates of depression after the pandemic began, prompting calls for a broad response from colleges.
Students, parents and teachers are up in arms over the way the International Baccalaureate was scored this year. College spaces are at risk.
Pac-12 will only play other conference members. NESCAC cancels fall athletics. Carleton and U of Bridgeport won't play sports this fall. Nor will California community colleges.
Four lawsuits have been filed against new Department of Education regulations for how colleges must respond to sexual misconduct on campus. The lawsuits question the merits of the regulations and seek to block their implementation.
Amid a growing public health crisis, Scripps College's president walks through the process of deciding to hold an all-virtual fall semester. It comes at a cost.
Collegis's Bob King addresses the “million dollar question”—exploring how college administrators can balance downward pressures on price with the need to invest in quality digital infrastructure and ecosystems.


Peter Eckel explores the ways the pandemic might take its toll on the search for talent at the top and what search committees and boards should do in response.
Today's climate demands the inclusion of ethnic studies throughout higher education, argues Elwood Watson, who disputes the naysayers' routine criticisms of the field.

Career Advice

If you pursued a graduate degree because you thought that knowing more, and sharing that knowledge, could make positive change, now is your time, writes Melissa Dalgleish.
Gain a better understanding from JAMS on how enlisting professional third-party resources can mitigate bias and reduce errors during Title IX proceedings and why considering a siloed approach can benefit both parties in these matters.


Higher Ed Gamma

July 13, 2020
What will replace the SAT?

Confessions of a Community College Dean

July 13, 2020
Blending incisive social critique with excellent manners.

Just Visiting

July 12, 2020
What should schools do about sports, not just in the fall, but in the post-COVID aftermath?

Learning Innovation

July 9, 2020
The public message from Christopher L. Eisgruber on the ICE policy change.
Universities want to get their students, faculty, administrators and others back on campus. Appian CampusPass™ helps universities do just that using a central command center which automates COVID-19-related data collection and processing, daily health status verification, contact tracing, and more.

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The pandemic has exposed and worsened equity gaps in higher education, as its impacts have been felt most by Black, Latino and lower-income Americans. What policies and incentives could help close those gaps?

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