Newly Tenured ... at Alma, Lakeland, Lee, WPI

March 14, 2012

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Alma College

  • Dana Aspinall, English
  • Kathryn Blanchard, religious studies
  • Zhewei Dai, mathematics and computer science
  • Thomas Ealey, business administration
  • Andrew Thall, mathematics and computer science

Lakeland College

  • Krista Feinberg, history
  • Christopher Moore, sociology
  • Paul Pickhardt, biology

Lee University

  • Guy DeLoach, business
  • Shane Griffith, business
  • Christie Kleinmann, communication
  • Lisa Long, Christian formation
  • Kelly Lumpkin, athletic training
  • Brad Moffett, music
  • Austin Patty, music
  • Lori West, biology

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • Tanja Dominko, biology and biotechnology
  • Joseph Farbrook, humanities
  • Janice Gobert, social science and policy studies
  • Diana Lados, mechanical engineering
  • Jianyu Liang, mechanical engineering
  • Reeta Prusty Rao, biology and biotechnology
  • Ali Rangwala, fire protection engineering
  • Thomas Robertson, humanities and arts
  • Alexander Wyglinski, electrical and computer engineering
  • Hong Susan Zhou, chemical engineering


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