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Can Colleges Share a President?

College systems and consortia have shared academic services, libraries, transportation, even a campus. Would they be able to share a president?

Debate Over Loan Payments in Coronavirus Package

Senate Republicans are still crafting their proposal for the upcoming coronavirus relief package, but partisan divisions are already emerging, including over whether to require student loan borrowers to begin making payments again.

Despite Pandemic, Opposition, Connecticut Merger Goes On

At its latest meeting with its accrediting commission, the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system presented its interim leadership and new name for the planned merger of its 12 community colleges.

Loan Relief Proposal From Top Republican

Senator Lamar Alexander proposed a sweeping change that would simplify applying for federal student aid while allowing many to make no or smaller monthly student loan payments.

Capital Campaign Watch: Durham Tech, Houghton, St. Olaf, U of Georgia, Western New England, William & Mary

Durham Technical Community College has finished a three-year campaign, topping its goal of $5 million. Major portions of the funds...

COVID-19 Roundup: Virtual Falls and Faculty Pink Slips

More colleges that planned to host students on campus shift to virtual-only modes. Canisius and Carthage Colleges plan layoffs, citing budget pressures worsened by the pandemic.

Rewriting the Rules

Is a budget plan adopted under financial duress and threat of layoffs truly collaborative if only one side sets the terms of engagement? At Radford University, it depends on one's perspective.

Rethinking the Pennsylvania State System

Facing significant financial pressure, Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education will explore combining operations at three pairs of universities.