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Campuses Reckon With Racist Past

College leaders are reconsidering the names of campus buildings and monuments that memorialize white supremacists, in reaction to the current movement against racial injustice.

Portraits of Diversity

In the wake of controversies over Confederate monuments and the names of buildings, Edward C. Halperin explores the best way to capture history on a college or university's walls.

New Programs: Real Estate, Law, Biology, Cybersecurity, Urban Planning, Rehabilitation, Sustainable Development

Chapman University is starting an M.S. in real estate. Cornell University is starting a master of science in legal studies...

3 Colleges to Acquire U of Bridgeport

The result will be a "university park" concept, where students from several universities study, eat, live and work together.

Fall Uncertainty Prompts Students to Consider Tuition Insurance

The coronavirus pandemic has caused more colleges and families to consider taking out tuition insurance, but it would not have helped the students who are seeking tuition refunds for the spring's forced transition to remote learning.

Mounting Faculty Concerns About the Fall Semester

Professors across institutions increasingly wave red flags about the private and public health implications of default face-to-face instruction come fall, along with a lack of shared decision making in staffing and teaching decisions.

Dropping the Price

Williams reduces cost of attendance by 15 percent to recognize changes in the student experience and continuing uncertainty amid the pandemic. Will other, less wealthy colleges follow suit?

Looming Budget Cuts Threaten Proven Program

A City University of New York program considered a national model for improving graduation rates of disadvantaged students is facing budget cuts. Higher ed experts worry this may be the first of many disinvestments in student success due to the recession caused by the pandemic.