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A Discounted ‘Gap Year’ Online

Park University is encouraging students from other institutions to transfer and study online for a year at a discounted tuition rate. Are special offers like this a good idea?

Thinking Like a Designer in Uncertain Times

In times of crisis like today, colleges should think quite differently than they do in a traditional strategic planning process and consider six basic principles, argues David P. Haney.

Refusing Even to Decide?

Both last week's NLRB decision and a case before the Supreme Court, writes Patrick Hornbeck, focus on one query: What kind of questions can courts constitutionally ask about faculty at religiously affiliated educational institutions?

Service in Exchange for Tuition

By having people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and geographical regions work together, a federal loan-for-service program might help heal our deep national divide, argues Roger Hull.

Of Bondholders, Bankers and Burgeoning Debt

One of the not-so-openly-discussed motivations that colleges have for opening this fall may be the billions of debt they've amassed for dorms and dining halls, James Finkelstein argues.

A Place to Call Home – and to Study

Cerritos College has opened a 28-bed housing development for homeless students as part of an initiative to help them complete their studies and earn associate degrees.

Will Cuts Give Way to ‘Systemwide Changes’ at University of Alaska?

The University of Alaska system has for years struggled with declining enrollment and state funding. Forced into a corner, the system's Board of Regents approved massive academic and administrative cuts, but experts say it's not enough to survive long term.