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The Magnitude of Affirmative Action

Study finds large advantages for Black and Latinx applicants to Harvard and University of North Carolina. Is it valid? Will this sway the Supreme Court?

What If Colleges Used to Discriminate Against Asian American Applicants?

New study suggests that top colleges perhaps used to discriminate against Asian Americans, but they may have abandoned the practice.

College Can’t Level the Playing Field (by Itself)

Rather than place unrealistic expectations on colleges, advocates for college opportunity should prioritize investments in children, Sandy Baum and Michael McPherson write.

For Those Most at Risk, COVID-19 Is Not Over

With the lethal threat of COVID-19 on the decline, many colleges are relaxing policies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Disability advocates fear that high-risk individuals will suffer.

Serving the Searching and the Secular

Union Theological Seminary leaders are expanding their social justice course offerings. They believe it will appeal to the growing number of nonreligious students enrolling.


Hundreds protest possible New York University appointment for Dr. David Sabatini, who left Massachusetts Institute of Technology over sexual harassment findings.

Denied a Faculty Job for Marrying a Gay Couple

A researcher left Calvin University after officials questioned her same-sex marriage. Now the professor who officiated the ceremony has been denied reappointment for doing so.

The AAUP Explains Antisemitism and Gets It Wrong

The AAUP compromised its political neutrality in taking sides in the contested debate over the definition of antisemitism, Cary Nelson and Steven Lubet write.