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Back to Work, Not Back to Normal

Accused harasser John Comaroff’s first week back teaching at Harvard was met with a walkout, and other developments in the related lawsuit against the university.

Why Did Allegheny Cut Its Chinese Program?

With little other information, the program’s lone tenured—now terminated—professor wonders if it’s about anti-Asian bias.

Uncloaking the Hidden Force of Whiteness

Our antiracism work on campuses often fails to examine how such pervasive, systemic whiteness protects itself, writes Michael H. Gavin.

Completion Boost for 2-Year Students Who Take (Some) Online Courses

Black, Hispanic and low-income community college students who take up to half their courses online increase their odds of completing degrees, a working paper finds. Fully online learners are less likely to earn a credential.

The Future of the NEH: Q&A With Chair Shelly Lowe

Lowe spoke with Inside Higher Ed about her goal for the National Endowment for the Humanities to reach more underrepresented communities in the U.S., her approach to leadership and her vision for the agency’s future.

Virtual Exchanges Promote Equity in Global Learning

Proponents argue that virtual exchange programs shouldn’t be dismissed as “second best” to on-the-ground study abroad, and they can expand the global learning ecosystem in important ways.

Black Menaces Want to Educate You

A group of Black students started a popular TikTok account where they ask their peers questions about race and identity. Now they’re encouraging others to do the same at campuses across the country.

Equity Gaps Are an Expensive Problem

Colleges have both a moral and a financial stake in closing gaps in student outcomes across racial and ethnic groups, Haroon Atcha writes.