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Abortion Restrictions Aren’t Just a Red-State Issue

Colleges in “permissive” states should start planning for the potential impact of restrictive abortion laws on their campuses, Alex Wolf writes.

A ‘Pro-Life’ Medical School

Plans are underway for a new, independent Catholic medical school on the campus of Benedictine College that will strictly adhere to Catholic principles on abortion and end-of-life issues.

Protester Sanctions Spark Tensions at Marquette

Student protesters shut down Marquette’s convocation in August. They knew there’d be consequences—but many believe the university took the penalties too far.

Campus Leaders Clash With Michigan State Trustees

A Title IX compliance review casts new light on the effort to push out Michigan State’s president. But another battle—over allegations of an overstepping board—is also underway.

COVID Conferences: Vulnerable Scholars Needn’t Apply

In scrapping remote options for conferences, academia has set out on a dangerous trajectory, Shira Lurie and Nicole Schroeder write.

‘The System Needs to Be Changed’

New paper suggests introductory STEM courses disproportionately push underrepresented minority students out of the natural and applied sciences.

The No-Roe Reality and Student Mental Health

Restrictions on abortion access will negatively impact student mental health, and colleges and counseling centers must be prepared, Carla Chugani writes.

‘Deaning While Stuttering’

Pepperdine law school dean is now speaking openly about his lifelong stutter.