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The U.S. Supreme Court, with its red velvet drapes and white columns.

Making the Case for Affirmative Action

Support for Harvard and UNC’s position floods the Supreme Court. Arguments focus on the Constitution, the impact on Asian Americans and saving lives.

Leveling the Playing Field for Social Capital

Can technology help equalize students’ access to relationships that provide support, information and opportunity?

Christian College Policies Are Not 'Homophobic'

Embracing Biblical views of marriage as between a man and a woman does not mean religious institutions are hostile to LGBTQ people.

​A Demotion, a Petition and Recriminations to Spare

Tensions between Queens College public safety officers and staff and faculty of color have led to accusations of racism and heightened fear and distrust on both sides.

The Arguments for Affirmative Action

Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill file briefs with the Supreme Court.

Seattle Pacific Sues Washington AG

The Christian university is suing the Washington attorney general for investigating its anti-LGBTQ+ hiring practices, arguing it violates the institution’s First Amendment rights.

Disciplinary ‘Redlining’ Is Not Decolonization

A white professor of BIPOC history reflects on a disturbing development—a refusal to grant credit to scholars whose phenotype matches that of historical oppressors.

USC Faces Investigation Over Alleged Student Harassment

The Office for Civil Rights will investigate whether USC failed to protect a Jewish student from discrimination and harassment because of her support for Israel.