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Go Ahead, Assign ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’—in College

Harper Lee’s novel belongs on college-level syllabi for the very reasons it’s rightfully losing favor in secondary school curricula, Andrew Newman writes.

‘Living in the Language’

The University of Minnesota is offering student housing for residents who want to immerse themselves in learning Ojibwe or Dakota, two Native languages at risk of extinction.

President, Trustees in Standoff at Michigan State

Michigan State trustees are trying to push the president out for reasons that remain unclear. Meanwhile, the president and trustees are trading accusations on alleged Title IX missteps.

New Title IX Rules Get 235,000 Comments

A step forward or backward? Title IX public comments show deep divisions.

Free Speech and Anti-Blackness

If Carnegie Mellon values diverse views, it shouldn’t have condemned a Black professor’s tweet on Queen Elizabeth II’s death, write Branden D. Elmore and Dwayne K. Wright.

Trustees Seek Ouster of Michigan State President

Michigan State’s president is under pressure to resign or be fired. The Board of Trustees chair blames rogue trustees for the “misguided” move, but details remain sparse.

‘Mining the Depths of Our Differences’

A program seeks to build bridges between conservative Christian colleges and colleges known for their liberal ideals. The goal is to chip away at religious and political polarization on campuses and nationwide.

Yeshiva U Wins Gay-Rights Case, for Now

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor rules that the university need not recognize an LGBTQ organization.