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Mentoring Scholars, Not Just Filling Sections

If visiting assistant professorships get a bad rap, one college says it does them better.

Censure Threat

AAUP report on Steven Salaita case at U of Illinois says the institution summarily dismissed him for protected, extramural speech. University could face formal vote of censure.

Negotiating Balance

Can work-life balance provisions be successfully integrated into faculty collective bargaining agreements?

Wanting More Say

Presidents overwhelmingly say they should have more input in faculty hiring and tenure decisions. But just how much say should they have?

Discourteous Dismissal

U. of North Georgia case raises key questions: Is rudeness grounds to revoke tenure? Should professors' jobs be at risk over criteria in employee handbook that are not in faculty handbook?

'De-Tenure' Do-Over

U. of Tennessee walks back -- at least in terminology -- from a proposal to "de-tenure" faculty members as part of new business plan. But the policy idea may well remain alive.

Faculty SOS

Report seeks a broad rethinking of the structure of professors' jobs, with a strong emphasis on academic freedom and equitable treatment, but an openness to radical change.

More Than Adjuncts

U. of Denver moves to new titles, a career path and multiyear contracts for those off the tenure track. Could this be a model for other institutions?