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House Panel Targets Universities, Scholars

House Republicans investigating the “weaponization of the federal government” want information from several disinformation researchers who were recently accused of being part of the “censorship industrial complex.”

Is For-Profit Higher Education on Its Last Legs?

Possible sale of the University of Phoenix to a public university raises existential questions about the for-profit sector and federal regulation of higher education. A panel of experts weighs them.

Treating Farm Families Unfairly?

Students from families that own farms or small businesses could see less financial aid under the new formula set to launch this year, but some groups are calling on Congress to fix the issue before the new FAFSA is released.

Still Hoping for Free Community College

Free community college is back in President Biden’s budget. Although Congress is unlikely to support the full $90 billion, experts hope for a smaller budget item to provide free programs for about 90,000 students a year.

Education Department Will Tap Secret Shoppers

Advocates see the use of secret shoppers—or undercover agents—to go after colleges that may be lying as long overdue and a signal the Education Department is taking responsibility for its role as financial regulator.

Growing Support for Foster Youth in College

Multiple state legislatures are increasingly supporting measures to help young people who are leaving or have left foster care attend and complete college.

Biden’s Budget Calls for $820 Pell Increase

The administration also wants $90 billion over 10 years to make two years of community college free.

Contrasting Views on Ending Tuition-Sharing Agreements

U.S. officials got an earful at a “listening session” where consumer advocates said such arrangements put students at risk and campus leaders insisted the agreements help them serve working students better.