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North Carolina at the Crossroads

The University of North Carolina system is grappling with accusations of partisan overreach by state legislators and their governing board appointees, fueling concerns that the system is headed down a dangerous path.

Cohort Default Rate No More?

A nearly three-year payment pause and forthcoming changes to income-driven repayment mean that fewer student borrowers will likely default on their loans. Here’s what that means for accountability.

Holding Executives Responsible

In Education Department’s latest move to ramp up oversight of for-profit colleges, it outlines its authority to hold individuals who control risky institutions financially responsible. The guidance also applies to private nonprofit colleges.

Middle East Conflict, in Chicago

Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Chicago is protesting a retired Israeli general teaching a counterterrorism course about Israel. An Israel-defending organization wants Chicago to condemn a broader campaign.

Supreme Court Justices Skeptical of Debt Relief

They questioned the Biden administration’s authority to forgive student loans but also seemed suspicious of arguments from plaintiffs that they have standing to challenge the debt-relief plan.

Guidance on Outsourcing Spurs Anxiety About ‘Collateral Damage’

Biden administration guidance, targeted at companies that share tuition revenue with colleges, is framed so broadly it could affect nonprofit groups, state agencies and others. Update: Education Department delays implementation until Sept. 1.

A Viewer’s Guide to Today’s Supreme Court Hearing

As the Supreme Court hears two challenges to the Biden administration’s debt-cancellation plan, Nicholas Hillman offers a guide to the key issues at stake and what to listen for.

DeSantis Higher Ed Bill Heads for the Legislature

Florida governor Ron DeSantis promised major reforms for higher education last month. Now a bill looks to turn those aims into law.