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Man in suit stands in front of a painted city skyline

Painting a Picture of More Student-Centric Career Services

Better serving students in career preparation requires a strong understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, plus creative ideas for making career-focused events enticing and boosting utilization of available supports. Cross-campus discussion of three key questions can help.

Group of smiling young colleagues walking and talking in modern office

Report: Ensuring Students Find Jobs That Fit

The Project on Workforce and Harvard identify drivers of career success and methods of promoting effective career navigation for individuals in the U.S.

Smiling teacher standing in front of students and showing something on whiteboard in classroom.

Program Innovation: Uniting Transfer Students in Class

A staff member at Stockton University developed a transfer-only general studies course, creating a space for engagement and camaraderie between transfer students with proven outcomes on retention and graduation.

A screenshot of the Navigating Neuro webpage by DePaul University neuroscience staff

Academic Success Tip: Foster New Student Relations Online, In Person

DePaul University staffers are piloting a zero-credit course to connect incoming neuroscience students and provide a resource hub for them during their first year.

Three young women eat outside of the University of Maryland campus in College Park, eating food from takeout containers

Report: Addressing the Roots of Food Insecurity in Higher Ed

A new Tennessee Higher Education Commission and Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation report highlights the ways institutions can support students facing basic needs insecurity.

A screenshot of Franklin University's Pathway Portal

Portal Promotes Successful Transfer From Community College to Private U

Franklin University created an online portal to guide community college students as they consider transferring and decide to start that process. The pathway decreases chances of credit loss and keeps students from paying for courses that do not count toward a degree.

Students talk on a panel at Ohio Wesleyan University's Connection Conference on careers, internships and more.

‘All Hands on Deck’ for Retention

Ohio Wesleyan is seeing its highest retention numbers in more than a decade as it targets student success from multiple angles.

Two students hug and comfort each other during a support group session.

Report: Helping Sexual Violence Survivors Complete College

Students who experience sexual violence while enrolled in postsecondary education have a high likelihood of earning lower GPAs or dropping out. Here are three areas where higher education leaders can focus efforts to promote student success for those who are carrying such trauma.