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Two university students working together in modern student center

What Helps Students Feel Like They Belong?

Research from the University of Illinois finds college students derive belongingness from four factors. Having the cultural capital to navigate higher education matters most to students from racial and ethnic minority groups.

Students inside a college descending stairs

Report: 4 Ways to Engage and Graduate Stopped-Out Students

California Competes’ latest research identifies barriers and strategies to help adult learners who dropped out of college re-enroll and earn a degree.

Two businesswomen talk in the office with digital tablet

Career Prep Tip: Helping Students Find a Professional Mentor

Colleges and universities turn to their alumni cohorts to aid students in developing professional and life skills.

Alamo Colleges District office building

Advising Guides Help Texas Community College Students Transfer

An initiative at Alamo Colleges District provides step-by-step information for students looking to transfer to a four-year institution, reducing time to transfer and ensuring all credits apply toward their degree.

Five students pose next to the California State University Chico sign on a sunny day

Success Program Launch: Rural Ambassadors Shine a Light on Their Communities

A student ambassador program at California State University, Chico, provides rural students with peer support, advocacy and research opportunities.

Rear view of businessman standing on red puzzle pieces and drawing business graffiti on brick wall, with the words Teamwork and Idea visible.

Focusing on Personality Type and Interests to Support Student Success

Career coach Marta Koonz offers an overview of the use of assessments in guiding academic and career choices, including group and individual models for helping students maximize the results.

Faculty and staff sit at round tables, some raising their hands in the background.

From the Top Down—Creating a Caring Campus

Texas A&M University at Kingsville will roll out a program from the Institute for Evidence-Based Change to promote belonging among rural and diverse learners through universitywide commitments to care.

An African American man sits in a coffee shop with a woman and uses his laptop during their discussion.

All in a Day’s Work: Being Transparent With Struggles

A staff member at St. Francis College shares how vulnerability helps him build trust with first-generation scholars and encourages help-seeking behavior among students.