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Students walk around Robert Manning Strozier Library at Florida State University

Success Program Launch: Academic Guides Connect Learners to Resources

Florida State University opened the Center for Academic Guidance this year, using data to identify struggling students and providing them with support resources to improve retention and persistence.

Black teacher explains engineering to students using an interactive whiteboard.

Report: STEM Classes With Racial, Socioeconomic Representation Boost Student GPA

A new study published in the American Educational Research Association’s journal found, when classes are more diverse, all students achieve higher grades.

Sitting together in the office, a young woman listens to a female counselor.

5 Strategies for Inclusive Mental Health Care

Two higher education leaders share ideas and solutions for providing supportive services to students struggling with mental health concerns.

People walk quickly (their faces and bodies blurred due to motion) inside an office.

Boosting Engagement With Career Services: Students Weigh In

Student Voice survey respondents share six career center actions they say would make them likelier to use career services.

Young woman sitting at desk using laptop, in student dormitory

Basic Needs Funding Aids Student Retention, Persistence

A new report from the Center for Higher Education Policy and Practice finds students who received emergency pandemic grant funding were more likely to remain enrolled, compared to their peers.

Entrance and signage to the campus of California State University, Fullerton, located in Fullerton, Calif.

Study: First-Year Experience Courses Tied to Higher Retention, GPA

New research from California State University, Fullerton, found students who participated in a first-year experience course were more likely to persist to their second year and achieved higher grades, on average.

Aerial view of Wichita State University during summer break.

Success Program Launch: A Minor for Student Org Leaders

As of this fall, student government or organization participants at Wichita State University can work toward a minor in student organization leadership, credentialing their learned experiences.

Man in suit stands in front of a painted city skyline

Painting a Picture of More Student-Centric Career Services

Better serving students in career preparation requires a strong understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, plus creative ideas for making career-focused events enticing and boosting utilization of available supports. Cross-campus discussion of three key questions can help.