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Still Taking a Knee Against Racism

Athletes and activists who modeled themselves off Colin Kaepernick have continued their campaigns.

See Hate Speech, Leave It Up

Resident assistants at University of Michigan are worried about not being able to remove racist or other offensive language from dormitory doors. Officials say they can't suppress free expression.

‘Voluntary’ Departures: the New Expulsion?

Legal experts ponder whether public universities can ask students who are racist or who misbehave to leave. Has this become the new strategy to avoid kicking them out and facing First Amendment backlash?

Students Against Lewdness

Students at Notre Dame have launched a campaign that has inspired others around the country to ask their institutions to block explicit content.

Patterns of Student Protest

College leaders often aren't the top hindrance to campus protests that have proliferated in recent years -- holiday breaks, finals week and graduation tend to be the biggest challenge for student activists.

Does Inclusiveness Include Nazis?

University of Massachusetts at Amherst has come under fire for asking a student to take down a poster from her dorm room that condemned Nazis using profanity, saying it was not "inclusive."

In Defense of the Chicago Principles

They have become a gold standard among institutions that wish to show their commitment to American higher education's core principle of freedom of expression, argues Michael Poliakoff.

Ganging Up on a Student Journalist?

LIU Post student government association demands that President Kimberly Cline and the other officials publicly apologize for berating a co-editor of the student newspaper for its coverage of anonymous pamphlets targeting Cline and others.