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Ganging Up on a Student Journalist?

LIU Post student government association demands that President Kimberly Cline and the other officials publicly apologize for berating a co-editor of the student newspaper for its coverage of anonymous pamphlets targeting Cline and others.

Comedy Cut Off at Columbia

Students at Columbia University interrupted routine of former Saturday Night Live writer they invited to perform at a cultural event after deeming his jokes too offensive.

A Cappella and Consent

A Princeton a cappella group won't sing "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid after complaints that its performance made audience members uncomfortable.

Civility at Berkeley

More than a year after Milo Yiannopoulos's talk at the university attracted violent protest, the university sees a different style of political engagements on campus -- actual discussions across ideological divides.

J-School Leaders Say It's Time to Speak Out

After remaining fairly silent about Trump's repeated attacks on the press, journalism school leaders are starting to speak up.

10-Day Sit-In at Seton Hall

Protests lead to meetings, a scuffle between a student and professor, and a relocation of the president's office.

Maybe Not a Role Model for a B-School?

Amid criticism of invitation to Sam Zell, widely criticized for his leadership in publishing and his sexist statements about women, UCLA calls off his appearance.

Handpicked Attendees for Conservative Speaker

Young Americans for Freedom at University of Southern California canceled tickets to an event, fearful that students who disagreed with the speaker's views would disrupt him.