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Broader Executive Action

White House may be planning executive actions on program-level outcomes data and student loan risk sharing, as well as on free speech, perhaps around the release of its proposed budget next week.

Unpacking Trump's Promise on Free Speech

An executive order linking federal research funds to free speech would be on firm ground historically and statutorily, as well as long overdue, write Frederick M. Hess and Grant Addison.

Can Chapel Hill Take a Joke With a Point?

University removed a student's satire website on race relations -- and restored it only after faced with legal pressure.

When Speaker Series Has Mostly White Men

Stanford said it was creating a forum for sharing diverse views, but many students didn't see much in the way of diversity.

Still Taking a Knee Against Racism

Athletes and activists who modeled themselves off Colin Kaepernick have continued their campaigns.

See Hate Speech, Leave It Up

Resident assistants at University of Michigan are worried about not being able to remove racist or other offensive language from dormitory doors. Officials say they can't suppress free expression.

‘Voluntary’ Departures: the New Expulsion?

Legal experts ponder whether public universities can ask students who are racist or who misbehave to leave. Has this become the new strategy to avoid kicking them out and facing First Amendment backlash?

Students Against Lewdness

Students at Notre Dame have launched a campaign that has inspired others around the country to ask their institutions to block explicit content.