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Free Speech or Princeton’s Red Scare?

The university has officially, and glibly, targeted a professor as "racist" in ways that evoke shameful moments in American history.

Newspaper Standoff at VMI

Virginia Military Institute administrators have a contentious relationship with a resurrected student newspaper, which they worry is a puppet publication for alumni with an ax to grind against reforms.

COVID or Not, Why They Come (and How It’s Going)

A look at how the pandemic impacted—or didn’t—students’ admissions and college choice process and experiences.

Oberlin College Loses $31M Appeal

Barring an appeal to Ohio’s Supreme Court, Oberlin College will have to pay out $31 million for supporting false claims that a local bakery discriminated against students of color.

It’s Time For An End to SPLC’s Divisive Tactics

"Partisan progressive hit operation," not civil rights watchdog.

Virtual or In Person, Students Say Campus Tours Could Achieve More

COVID offered colleges an opportunity to consider how to maximize their online and in-person tours so that all students can be prepared to make their college choice.

Let’s Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’

Higher ed must stand against the real threats to free expression—the raft of legislation targeting the teaching of “divisive concepts,” Patricia McGuire writes.

Can We Talk?

In view of the “cancel culture” discourse, Jim Ryan and Ian Baucom of the University of Virginia write that universities should train students to be empathetic speakers and generous listeners.