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Four Black women dance on stage at Illinois State University's Umoja, a celebration of Black graduates.

Conservatives Rail Against ‘Segregated Graduations’

The latest target of the conservative attack on DEI is identity-based graduation ceremonies. Universities argue they give students an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments with their communities.

The Class of 2023 On Remote Work, AI and More

The Class of 2023 is graduating into an economy transformed by the pandemic, rapidly evolving technology and potentially destabilizing levels...
Rider University's Zen Den features movable furniture and sensory touch lamps.

Student Wellness Tip: Create Safe Spaces for Quiet Relaxation

Rider University’s student government association funded the remodeling of a room in the student center to facilitate reflection and tranquility among students.

Colorado School of Mines Teaching With Heart participants smile for a photo

Academic Success Tip: Teach With Love

Colorado School of Mines encourages STEM educators to look beyond course design and pedagogy to embrace a character of love and teach with heart.

Fourth-year student Anna LePlatt gives a speech at the opening of the Data Driven Frederick Center as Hood College president Andrea Chapdelaine watches.

President Swaps Schedules With Students, Promoting Campus Engagement

Hood College’s fifth annual Chap Swap allowed one student to live a day shadowing President Andrea Chapdelaine and vice versa, offering deeper insight into their respective roles on campus.

Four Pitt students stand on a balcony holding placards protesting the administration's slow response in notifying them of a reported active shooter threat.

Alerting Students to Danger

After a swath of swatting incidents hit universities across the country, some students are taking issue with how and when their institutions notified them of the threats.

Four students at the Illinois Institute of Technology complete a colorful paper construction project.

Career Exploration Offers Options for Undeclared STEM Students

Illinois Institute of Technology will launch its Discover+ program this fall, enabling students who haven’t taken advanced-level math and science courses to explore STEM careers without losing time toward degree completion.

A man browses suit jacket options hanging on a rack.

Career Prep Tip: Address Definitions of Professional Dress

Landing the first job out of college is one hurdle students face, but learning how to dress for work is another. Institutions can support students’ career development by establishing a professional dress guide.