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Four student actors in the musical "Ordinary Days" stand in a rain of colorful papers.

Where STEM and the Arts Live in Harmony

The Rochester Institute of Technology offers no performance degrees, but about 10 percent of students receive an arts scholarship. The model produces well-rounded students and a sense of community.

Compilation on Transforming Colleges to Improve Student Success

I nside Higher Ed is pleased to release today “Transforming Colleges to Improve Student Success,” our latest booklet. You may...
Chart of the Average Tuition Discount Rate

Tuition Discount Rates Hit New High

According to a new NACUBO study, private college tuition discount rates hit a record 56.2 percent, continuing a pattern of annual increases.

Graphic art showing a female professor in front of a large open book, speaking to a student with a question mark above their head, pointing to a screen. Colors are blue, gray and orange.

Professors Can Make a Difference in Promoting Students’ Success

How can professors support students, beyond engaging them in more active learning? Our infographic offers six ideas.

The cover of the book Short Changed featuring a pencil filling out test answer bubbles

A Brutal Critique of AP Courses

New book, Shortchanged, says the program hurts students and the values of the liberal arts.

Opening Up College-Prep Programs

The decades-old rules don’t make sense, advocates say, and hinder efforts to better serve low-income and first-generation students.

An instructor in a hard hat instructs a student in a hard hat, pointing to a machine.

How Well Do Career-Prep Offerings Serve Students?

Harvard researchers say colleges have all kinds of programs and supports designed to help students get well-paying jobs, but there’s little research on if they accomplish their goals.

Four Oregon Institute of Technology students smile for a photo.

Student-Won Grant Supports Internet Access for Their Peers

A grant proposal from four seniors at the Oregon Institute of Technology extends internet access for students through a mobile hotspot pilot program.