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Logo for the voice chat app Discord, which has a silhouette of a gaming device

Discord for Leaking Military Files—and Exam Questions

College students use the social media app to express themselves and connect with others. But given the platform’s problematic history, some professors offer guidance for safe use.

Students in Duquesne University T-shirts stand in a group on campus.

Giving Transfer Students a Financial Boost

Duquesne University is working to attract transfer students with a new state grant-matching program. Higher ed experts expect more four-year universities to follow suit and actively recruit transfer students to bolster enrollments.

Ithaca College students sit at long tables together in a classroom.

Student-Facing Dashboard Provides Clarity for Advisers

A new student success database at Ithaca College focuses on individuals’ information, providing insight into academics, extracurriculars and obstacles to success.

A student dining hall worker slices a pizza as other students stand in the cafeteria line

‘We’re Not Slowing Down,’ Student Workers Say

Undergraduate workers are winning collective bargaining rights, making student unions increasingly common. They’re driven by the pandemic, pro-union sentiment and each other.

A scientist measures levels in a body of water.

Academic Success Tip: Promote LGBTQ+ Safety and Inclusion in the Field

A paper led by an Earlham College professor of biology and environmental sustainability offers best practices in LGBTQ+ inclusion in field science work.

Four student actors in the musical "Ordinary Days" stand in a rain of colorful papers.

Where STEM and the Arts Live in Harmony

The Rochester Institute of Technology offers no performance degrees, but about 10 percent of students receive an arts scholarship. The model produces well-rounded students and a sense of community.

Chart of the Average Tuition Discount Rate

Tuition Discount Rates Hit New High

According to a new NACUBO study, private college tuition discount rates hit a record 56.2 percent, continuing a pattern of annual increases.

A woman and man, older than traditional college students, laugh while carrying books and wearing backpacks.

The ‘Some College, No Credential’ Cohort Grows

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center report documents an increase in learners with college credits but no credential and finds they are returning to college at lower rates than in the past.