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Textbook Prices' Impact on Student Behavior

Prices shape student decisions on when and how to use textbooks.

Digital Learning News in 'Inside Higher Ed' This Week

Among the topics: the Trump administration's plans on digital learning regulation; the status of an ambitious effort to map credentials; the link between cellphone use during class and lower exam grades.

Reworking an Approach to Paying Online Instructors

Online instructors at Colorado Mesa University get paid per student for overtime hours. Now the institution is tweaking a model that's enticing to instructors but may not be best for students.

Higher Education in a World Where Students Never Graduate

The push for lifelong learning is fueling competition from alternative providers, but colleges and universities have a secret weapon: the deep bond they form with students, which should lead to a lifelong relationship, Chris Dellarocas writes.

Counting Credentials

The Credential Registry is several months into its mission to document all U.S. credentials, but the finish line is further than ever.

DeVos to Announce New Push for Deregulation, Innovation

Top Education Department official describes plan to "rethink" higher-education standards through new rule-making process, to be announced today, on accreditation, the credit hour standard, the faculty role online and more.

Applications Open for Federal OER Grant

After a few quiet months, the Department of Education has formalized plans to award one to three OER grants totaling $5 million by late September.

Ivy League Degree for the Nontraditional Student

Coursera expands its online degree push for working adults, this time going Ivy League, with a new master's in computer and information technology from the University of Pennsylvania.