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'XXX' Marks the Spot

The exercise of figuring out one’s “porn star name” is probably more familiar to college students than to college administrators...

What Students Don't Know

A two-year anthropological study of student research habits shows that students are in dire need of help from librarians, but are loath to ask for it.

Making Clouds Less Ominous

Research universities try to negotiate a standard contract with commercial e-mail providers that would ease costs and fears about moving sensitive data into the cloud.

A Back-Office Deal

SunGard and Datatel announce merger that would create higher ed's largest data management vendor.

WGU Lassoes Texas

Lone Star State becomes the latest to embrace Western Governors U.'s competency-based model.

Social Networking Nudge

Some colleges think they can increase students' engagement with Foursquare, a popular location-based site. Are they right?

Open Source for the Back Office

Early adopters of Kuali's financial management software have become true believers.

'State Authorization' Struck Down

WASHINGTON -- Higher education hates the U.S. Education Department's recently enacted regulation requiring institutions to seek and gain approval from...