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Academic Minute: Building Hope to Attain Goals

Today on the Academic Minute, David Ward, associate professor of marriage and family therapy at Pacific Lutheran University, breaks down...

More Data on International Applications

Preliminary results of a survey of nearly 300 American universities released earlier this month showed that nearly four in 10...

AAC&U Seeks Middle Ground on Campus Speech

Lynn Pasquerella, president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, weighed in on the ongoing debate over campus free...

‘An Unprecedented Attack’

Hungarian Parliament passes legislation that could force university founded by George Soros out of the country.

Public Confidence in Higher Ed Varies by Social Context

From concerns about student debt to legislative attacks on tenure, some have suggested there’s a crisis of public confidence in...

Isn’t It Pragmatic?

Michael Roth explores how and why Indian students are embracing liberal arts education.

Democracy Is in the Streets

A scholarly framework and documentary format coincide in The Activists, writes Scott McLemee, which depicts the antiwar movement in this century’s first decade as an assemblage of collaborating but distinct groups.

Legal Discrimination No More

U.S. appeals court says a lesbian former adjunct has the right to sue Ivy Tech under Title VII, a federal anti-bias law, for discrimination based on sexual orientation.