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Southern Utah's Fall-to-Spring Enrollment Drop

Officials at Southern Utah University are studying an unusually large fall-to-spring enrollment drop, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. Colleges always...

Trump Seeks Deep Cuts in Education and Science

Proposals would keep Pell level, but cut work-study and TRIO and eliminate SEOG. In science, president would make massive cuts to NIH and research at Energy Department. And budget formally seeks to kill NEH and AmeriCorps.

Older Adults, Exercise and Arthritis

Is merely being active enough, or is there a right way to stay in motion? In today's Academic Minute, Northwestern...

Competency at Scale

Big for-profit American Public now offers competency-based undergraduate degrees that don’t rely on the credit-hour standard, but federal aid isn’t part of the mix, for now.

Rejecting 'Campus Illiberalism'

Ideological odd couple Robert George and Cornel West issue joint statement -- attracting thousands of signatures -- in wake of shouting down of a speaker at Middlebury.

Trump's Travel Ban Blocked

Federal judge's ruling to grant injunction cites impact on University of Hawaii.

New Presidents or Provosts: Duke U, Flagler College, Halifax CC, Hastings College, Hollins U, Mercy College (N.Y.), Ohio Northern U, Pomona College, South Piedmont CC, Valdosta State U

Richard A. Carvajal, interim president of Darton State College, in Georgia, has been named president of Valdosta State University, also...

Hiring Erodes Power From UMass Boston Chancellor

New details show the hiring of former Bowdoin College president Barry Mills to a top position at the University of...