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North Idaho College Faces Bond Ratings Review

Actions by North Idaho College’s Board of Trustees have already prompted scrutiny from its accreditor, but now Moody’s Investor Services...

Bristol Community College’s Computer Systems Hacked

Bristol Community College’s computer systems were recently hacked in a ransomware incident, The Sun Chronicle reported . Officials of the...

Avoiding ‘The Big Quit’ in the New Year

How can college leaders in 2023 begin to re-engage their employees in the midst of increasing disengagement and departures? Brandon L. Wolfe offers some suggestions.

Rick Singer Sentenced in Admissions Scandal

Rick Singer was sentenced today to 3.5 years in prison for his role as the mastermind of the Varsity Blues...

Social Sharing Can Lead to a False Sense of Knowledge

Just because someone shares something online doesn’t mean they’re educated on it. In today’s Academic Minute, the University of Texas...

Should Class Participation Be Graded?

The pandemic laid bare course policies and practices that disadvantage some students. Now, some say that professors should cool it with awarding participation points.

The Great Resignation at Community Colleges

Community colleges underwent major staffing losses during the pandemic. Now they’re suffering from the ripple effects, and campus leaders are trying desperately to recruit.

New Programs: Professional Sales Leadership, Criminology, Diversity, Clean Energy, Social Media Strategies, Public Health

Franklin University is starting an M.S. in professional sales leadership. Manhattan College is introducing a B.A. in criminology major. Muhlenberg...