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Report: Can CRMs Help HBCUs Support Students?

A new report, released today, suggests using a customer service management system, or CRM, can help historically Black colleges and...

Northwestern Graduate Assistants Form Union

Graduate assistants at Northwestern University voted last week to form a union, 1,644 to 114. Some 2,893 assistants were eligible...

New Data on Public Humanities Training

A new report from the National Humanities Alliance, based in part on a national survey of colleges and universities, finds...

The Decline of ‘Disruptive’ Science

New paper says truly innovative research and technology across fields is declining. Experts say it’s a wake-up call to institutions and funding agencies.

First-Impression Facilities Challenges

Maintaining older campus buildings, a challenge due to specific characteristics of such structures, is an important factor in the college enrollment process, writes facilities professional Richard Michal.

CUNY Ends Remedial Education

Classes have been replaced by corequisite courses, which offer credit and include extra academic supports.

The Week in Admissions News

COVID rules are all over the place; Education Department to prepare list of low-performing institutions; DeSantis versus a small college.