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Before You Take That Faculty Job...

Keysha Whitaker highlights four pieces of advice she now wishes she’d had.

10 Tips for Getting Published

Faye Halpern describes what she's learned as a co-editor of a journal as well as a literary scholar trying to get her own research published.

Breaking It to Your Family

Even after gaining tenure, Jennifer Lundquist and Joya Misra warn, you may well face a relentless and often invisible set of career demands that can confuse and frustrate family members.

Getting the Ph.D. Was the Easy Part

Women in academe continue to face far more challenges than men do, writes Renate Ysseldyk.

Advice on Advisers

Sonja K. Foss and William Waters provide guidance on how to create the best relationship with your dissertation adviser.

Ask the Right Questions

Candidates for tenure should not count on their departments or colleagues to clearly lay out what's expected of them, Rena Seltzer writes.

Year One on the Tenure Track

Christopher Garland found unexpected challenges and rewards in his new faculty job, and he shares some lessons for others seeking that holy grail.

How Should a Professor Be?

Christopher Schaberg and Mark Yakich offer advice for those starting off their careers, or just another academic year.