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Man sits before computer and cup of coffee with a question mark coming out of his head

Stuck in Your Writing?

Cultivate readers for your work and build a network of them to draw upon throughout your writing process, advises Jennifer Ahern-Dodson.

Generative AI in College and Departmental Administration

Generative AI can be an important assistant in promoting excellence in the role of dean, associate dean, department chair or department head.

Involuntary Commitment and the Problem of Homelessness

Approaching homelessness and psychiatric and substance abuse disorders through a holistic, interdisciplinary lens.

Rows of green stadium bleacher seats, suggesting "cheap" or "nosebleed" seats.

The View From the Cheap Seats

It’s easy to shout from high in the bleachers, harder to play with the team: faculty need to be better prepared to participate meaningfully in shared governance, Rachel Toor writes.

Four students in a lab, with one conducting an experiment while others watch

Tackling the STEM Skills Gap in 3 Weeks

If we stand a chance of catching up to the rapid advancement of technology, it’s time to speed up the skills development of today’s students, write Justin Shaffer, John Spear, Kalen L. Rasmussen and Patrick H. Thieringer.

Seeing What’s Possible

Norway: What happens when you try to educate everyone.

An aerial view of the city of Pueblo, Colo., at sunset.

Regional Comprehensive Universities: Separate and Unequal

The gaps in resources between flagships and regional comprehensive universities raise serious equity concerns and are at odds with commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion, Doug Eskew writes.

Cal Fire firefighters serve Camp Fire evacuees during a community Thanksgiving dinner at California State University, Chico

Helping Students Deal With Disasters

Even though we’re on the front lines, faculty members often don’t know how to respond, writes Betty S. Lai.