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A scratched-out B next to an A-minus, circled in red, suggesting grade inflation.

Behind Declining Standards in Higher Ed

A “broke-woke-stroke” convergence may be to blame, Mark Horowitz, Anthony L. Haynor and Kenneth Kickham write.

Creating an Evergreen Fundraising Communications Strategy

The time between campaigns offers a unique opportunity to focus on branding.

man with briefcase and superman cape stands on big helping hand pointing to target

Overcoming Your Career Exploration Fears: Part 2

Eric Vaughn and Chris Smith advise on how to execute a plan that helps you advance toward your career goals.

A red and yellow discount label, reading "55% Off."

Time to Get Real About Tuition

The high-tuition, high-discount model is no longer serving most private colleges—or higher education as a whole, David Bushman writes.

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Is Academia a Dream Killer?

Jennifer M. Gómez describes the crucial role dreamstorming can play in moving from liberatory thought to liberating action in higher education.

A black mobile phone with the words "ChatGPT" in bold white letters on the screen, against a yellow background.

ChatGPT Calls for Scholarship, Not Panic

The truth is that we don’t really know (yet) how students are engaging with ChatGPT, Andrew C. Higgins writes.

It’s Over: Higher Ed in the Rearview Mirror

What do we truly believe about higher education?