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Where Will Generative AI Lead?

Looking ahead to the not-too-distant future, we are likely to see more about biocomputers. Using brain and stem cells, researchers are hoping to vastly accelerate and expand performance.

The Promise of Pedagogical Play

It can be valuable for not only children but also grown-ups, write Niya Bond and Todd Zakrajsek, and in fact should be a priority for academics’ professional development.

Wonders of the Invisible World

Uncovering the hidden forces that reshape our lives.

What We Lose When We Lose Languages

In cutting languages, colleges undercut commitments to social justice and to translation, in the broadest possible sense, Jessica Blum-Sorensen writes.

The Fight to Save the Town

A review of the new book by Michelle Wilde Anderson.

KJB-Tel Records’ Higher Ed Breakup Album

The soundtrack for the ups and downs of an academic career in this strange time.

Dear Colleagues: We Have an Image Problem

A website full of smiling faces is more appealing than a list of faculty members’ names, writes Jeremy Birnholtz, but unrestricted availability of photos poses risks.