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A seal that reads "Welcome to the Real World."

College Is the Real World

The myth that colleges somehow exist apart from the “real world” lies at the center of the many challenges facing higher ed today, Karen E. Spierling writes.

Students are shown hugging in a circle

Event Promotes Comprehensive Strategies for Student Mental Health

Psychologist Rachel Goldsmith Turow recaps challenges and ideas for supporting students that came out of the 2023 Depression on College Campuses conference.

Marketing Is a Code Word

Marketing is a go-to solution but sometimes masks deeper issues.

A close-up picture of a hand holding a magnifying glass over the word "Humanities." The word stands out as magnified against a sea of other words.

Why We Need Applied Humanities

Applied humanities courses or modules have much to offer students studying STEM, Kathryn Strong Hansen writes.

Paper with edits sitting on top of a computer screen

Teaching Reading in the Digital Age

How we remember, understand and pay attention is simply worse whenever we read on the screen, writes Shakil Rabbi, who suggests two ways to help students deal with that.