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3 Questions for Sherri Erkel about Student Success Strategies

A conversation with the VP of consulting services at Ruffalo Noel Levitz.

Legacy Admissions Is Still Under Attack

While few colleges have moved in recent years, student groups have taken up the issue, writes Christoph Baker.

Illustration: man flees from emails on wings coming out of a computer

Lessons in Leadership: Say Yes to the Invitation

As a higher ed leader, requests to attend conferences can be incessant and overwhelming, but they often warrant serious consideration, writes Maggy Ralbovsky.

The seal of the U.S. Department of Education. It is a circular seal with the words "Department of Education" and "United States of America" with a tree in the center.

The New Era of Regulatory Overreach

Proposed changes to the Education Department’s definition of third-party servicers would stifle innovation and increase costs to colleges and students, Representative Virginia Foxx writes.

Rolling farmland in rural Wisconsin.

Reclaiming Ruralisms

In devaluing rural identities and language, higher ed alienates rural communities, Samantha Nousak and Sarah D. C. Harvey write.

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ChatGPT Magnifies a Long-Standing Problem

It’s catalyzing academe to address the fact that we often haven’t known how much cheating is occurring or sufficiently revamped our classes to deal with it, writes Frank Vahid.

Work Zones Ahead!

Michigan is paving new transfer pathways.