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Young professionally dressed woman speaks to group of students with books

Succeeding as a Gen Z Leader In Higher Ed

Megan Finlan advises how to manage and connect with a student team as an administrator when you just recently graduated yourself.

A drawing of a human brain made of gray jigsaw puzzle pieces with a single red piece that bears the acronym "AI," illustrating the concept of artificial intelligence.

The Program-Level AI Conversations We Should Be Having

Now is the time to progress to program-level conversations around curriculum and learning outcomes, Kathleen Landy writes.


The Pros and Cons of Our Algorithmized Age

Artistic and cultural creativity in an algorithmic world.


Like a Good Student, AI Is Getting Smarter

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT-4, Gemini Advanced and their competition now have more features than the versions we used just a year ago.

3 Tips for Faculty Members New to Administrative Roles

Advice for professors who move into administration, often without sufficient training from their institutions.

Magnifying glass on top of a paper with approval checkmarks; paper is beside smaller pieces of paper, each with a checkmark, as well

Making the Most of External Review Letters

Their quality must improve, and with that the credibility of promotion and tenure as a professional process, says Richard Utz, who offers some guidelines.

Lessons From Michigan’s Continued Efforts to Make College Free

States can pass incremental efforts to make college more affordable.