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Should We Cite Scholars Who Act Badly?

Margaret Meredith explored this question after an academic whose scholarship contributed significantly to her book was accused of sexual misconduct.

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When Commitments to Free Speech and Against Antisemitism Collide

We need to be asking different questions as conflicts around antisemitism and free speech continue to arise on college campuses, Jeffrey Herbst writes.

Navigating Grief in Higher Ed Career Transitions

Why and how to identify and process grief while moving into a new role.

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Expand Your Postdoc Possibilities

For students who are about to complete their Ph.D. and wondering whether to postdoc or not to postdoc, Brian J. Rybarczyk and Chris Smith highlight some helpful resources.

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Managing the Demand Cliff

The other enrollment cliff is something that higher ed leaders can actually do something about, write Rebecca Mathews, Bijan Warner and Peter Stokes.

Making Higher Education What It Ought to Be

Not just a credential, but an opportunity for exploration, experimentation, growth and discovery.