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A group of five college-aged students holding flags from five different nations.

‘U.S. News’ Rankings Erase International Students

About a fifth of the metrics in the new U.S. News rankings exclude international students, Ryan Allen and Tomoko Takahashi write.

Four figures walking forward on a blue strip, while another figure walks on a green strip that curves away above them

What’s Your Professional Hero’s Journey?

Linda Louie describes how to tell a great career story to potential employers and others in the midst of trying to make a pivot.

How to Stem the Retreat From High Academic Expectations and Standards

Yes, it is possible to rethink grading and testing and still hold students accountable.

Diverse group of five people outlined in faint boxes reach out and grab hands in the center with each other

Creating Community Among Grad Students

Based on their experiences as student organizers, Ryan S. C. Wong and Bayleigh Smith offer recommendations to both institutions and students about effective approaches.

An African American female student takes notes in front of a laptop, engaging in online learning.

Stop Undervaluing For-Profit Online Degrees

Next time you scoff at a degree from a for-profit online college, ask yourself why, exactly—and whom you’re hurting, L. Roxanne Russell writes.

A digital outline of a brain is surrounded by AI-related images. A keyboard is next to the images.

Prioritize ChatGPT Proficiency to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Educators have a responsibility to think beyond cheat-proof assignments, teaching students to use AI proficiently and creatively in the classroom, writes Amy Kristof-Brown.

Aligning the Curriculum to Reality in AI-Accelerated Times

Curricula are reassessed as rarely as every five years. AI demands we do a deep review right now and repeat it often.

Five people stand on stacks of books at various heights, helping each other up to the top, where one person stands as the leader

Can Scholar Leadership Rescue Academia From Obsolescence?

Fatimah Williams details how cultivating leadership among faculty not only leads to individual and institutional success but also ensures higher ed makes a positive societal impact.