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Use AI to Better Connect With Students

How marketing and communications teams can take advantage of AI-powered technology to meet evolving student expectations.

An overhead view of a densely attended pro-Palestinian rally on Harvard's campus: Palestinian flags are visible, as are signs, including one that reads "Stop the Genocide."

A Duty of Care

In their responses to the Israel-Hamas conflict, many faculty members and administrators seem to have lost sight of their students’ well-being, Ben Sorkin writes.

The word "Doxing" in block letters against a white background featuring a plant.

The Failure of FERPA

The Harvard doxing-truck debacle lays bare FERPA’s obsolescence in the digital age—and why protecting student privacy matters to their learning now more than ever, Sarah Hartman-Caverly writes.

Reinventing the Humanities for Our Fragmented Time

It’s time to rethink how we teach undergraduates in an age of echo chambers, filter bubbles and polarization.

A stack of books, with the top book open.

A New Definition of the Humanities

It’s time for a better—and more strategic—definition, Jeffrey R. Wilson writes.

Woman holding pencil as tall as her beside an equally tall smartphone where she's checked off various tasks

Credit Where Credit Is Due

David Galef explores the true motives of students asking for extra credit and the results of instructors giving it.

Navigating Grief in Career Transitions Within Higher Ed

Grief in higher ed job changes is hidden. It doesn’t have to be.