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Many Liberal Arts Students Need a Lesson in Free Speech

They are both more accepting of attempts to silence speech and overwhelmingly more liberal than their public and private university counterparts, argues Samuel J. Abrams.

The Language Wars

Is wokespeak, equity and inclusion talk, and safe speech endangering campus free speech?

A Pedagogy of Trust in the Classroom

Should we professors set aside at times the well-meaning how-to-think ethos, asks Scott Parker, in favor of forcefully articulating which ideas are permissible or not?

As Students Lead, Will Harvard Follow?

The university’s divestment is powerful, but it must do more to model climate leadership, write Ilana Cohen and Tim Wirth.

Rethinking Carbon Neutrality in Higher Education

Colleges can’t view it as the end goal to responding effectively to the climate crisis, argue Alex Barron, Aaron Strong and Lucy Metz, who offer five other recommendations for action.

‘AI 2041’ as a Model of Curricular Integration

A reading and higher ed conversation with UM’s James DeVaney.