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What Gets Measured Gets Done

Colleen K. Vesely, Supriya Baily, Jatin Ambegaonkar, Holly Klee and Stormi Woltz describe their process for identifying and organizing DEI data to help drive change at their university.

AI Is Leading a Revolution in Roles, ROI and Opportunities

The world is in the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, which is what the World Economic Forum describes as a new era that extends the impact of digitization in new and unanticipated ways.

Higher Education Has a Data Problem

Unable to piece together all the different indicators, colleges and their instructors struggle to glean real wisdom, let alone adjust to a student’s needs, write Cathy O’Bryan and Bhavin Shah.

Could You Repeat the Question?

Pandemic issues aside, as faculty members return to in-person classes, age-related hearing problems are a tough obstacle that’s just going to get worse, argues David Galef.

The Walkable Campus

For many people, college is the only time they live in a walkable community.

Captioning for All

For accessibility reasons alone, online classes and Zoom meetings should routinely offer a captioning option, but it has additional benefits, write David G. Myers and Morton Ann Gernsbacher.

Lateral Thinking and ‘A Brief History of Motion’

Why learning about the history of wheeled transportation may help us think about the future of higher education.