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Decoding Data Security

Student Kyra O’Connor offers perspective on privacy policies, data collection and the university’s role in cybersecurity.

Expanding Local Community College Transfer Pathways

Many colleges and universities are overlooking a talented and diverse pool of students right in their own backyard.


Trying to plan a spring schedule amid COVID uncertainty.

L Is for the Long View

I’m in the same unknown place as my fellow humanities Ph.D.s, who want to put their education and experience to good use while also supporting themselves and their families, writes Marci Vogel.

In Defense of Rigor

A physicist explains why academic standards matter.

Higher Ed: Short Term & Long Term

We are witnessing the remaking of higher education. Strategies for mainstream colleges and universities must change from the short term to the long term as large-scale collaboratives and huge corporations enter the field.

Is Cheating a Problem at Your Institution? Spoiler Alert: It Is

David Rettinger and Kate McConnell offer five ways colleges and universities can promote academic integrity not as a bludgeon to punish students but as a set of educationally necessary actions that lead to authentic learning.

Thwarting Student Cheating on Online Apps

Online communication applications are giving students another method to cheat, writes Jonathan M. Golding, who offers six strategies to help deter at least some of the misconduct.