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Tuition Revenue: Where’s All the Money?

If all these students are paying $50,000 in tuition, how come our college doesn’t have more revenue to spend?

Integrating the Public Humanities With Career Development

The Ph.D. co-op model can offer graduate students skills growth, financial stability and a broader range of career options after they finish their degree, writes Henry John.

3 Steps for Increasing Faculty Diversity

Colleges must move beyond stated commitments and incremental efforts to embrace more innovative change, write Sonia Cardenas and Anita Davis.

How Cognitive Bias Hinders Student Success

Steps you can take to combat the cognitive errors that contribute to self-sabotage.

Agents Are the Problem

A new law restricting the use of agents paid on commission could actually be a blessing for international students, write Philip G. Altbach and Liz Reisberg.

To Reduce Inequality on College Campuses, Invest in Relationships

Proactive student support and mentorship culture is undervalued in academia, writes Becca Spindel Bassett, who studies inequity in higher ed.

The Enemy of Any Job Search

Social comparison can make an already stressful situation much worse, writes Irina Filonova, who offers some strategies for how to deal with it.