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Ask the Deans

Deans are struggling with similar issues across disciplines and have ideas for grappling successfully with them, but we’re often an underutilized campus resource, writes Marie Chisholm-Burns.

Mark Twain and Critical Race Theory

Laura Skandera Trombley and Ann Ryan explore Mark Twain’s writing as just one example of how thoroughly American it is to try to unravel the knot of race, racism and U.S. history.

Maximizing Human Systems in Transfer

Policy alone can’t remove the barriers facing today’s transfer students.

If You Need to Escape: Run Toward, Not From

Some good advice I received many years ago.

Can Civics Education in Colleges Strengthen Democracy?

Only if it goes well beyond calls to improve civic knowledge, cultivate responsible citizenship and nurture tolerance and civility.

Oral Exams in a Virtual Classroom

Offering exams in that format can be beneficial to both the instructor and the students in multiple ways, writes Kevin Sun, who provides recommendations for faculty who are considering it.

No Return to ‘Normal’

The placid ivy-covered walls and calm quad will remain when COVID is vanquished, but the university will never be the same. We are forever changed -- by the disease and by the advance of technology and competition in this, the fourth industrial revolution.