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The Many Virtues of a Virtual Writing Group

Beyond providing writing support, they can help you develop a peer network with colleagues and hone important transferable skills, writes Katie Homar, who advises how to maximize their benefits.

3 Questions for U-M’s George J. Siedel

A business school professor who has taught 1.4 million learners and counting.

In Praise of Academic Collegiality

Many people in higher education would benefit substantially if they learned to become better colleagues, writes Michael S. Weisbach, but what exactly does it mean to be one?

Far and Away

During the pandemic, people should stop asking international students “when will you go back home?” writes Gloria Paidamoyo Chikaonda.

The True Purpose of a College Education

Rethinking the aims of an undergraduate education.

Making Transfer Work for Rural Students and Communities

Too often, transfer demands that rural students leave their communities to continue their education.

Applying EQ on Dissertation Committees

Dissertation chairs should create sustainable relationships with students, tailoring their mentoring approaches to meet each person’s individual needs, writes Tom Butkiewicz.