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Zooming From Campus

The threat of the virtual meeting to academic culture.

Maryland’s 2+2 Transfer Scholarship: A Preliminary Analysis

How Maryland is using a scholarship to support transfer students.

An Enduring Gift

When Nicholas S. Zeppos received a retirement present by FedEx, his first thought was “How kind.” His second was “When will I get killed off?”

The Culture of Institutional Philanthropy Must Change

If development offices remain predominantly composed of white administrators, colleges may increasingly lag behind in efforts to raise money from people of color, warns Juliana Bohland.

Opportunity Hoarding at an Elite Private University

It’s time to address elite private universities’ role in maintaining social hierarchy and intergenerational inequality.

Another Trip Down Memoir Lane

Marc Muneal shares insights he has gained from assigning and partaking in acts of reflective writing with new classes of students during the pandemic.

The Imperative to Support Muslim Students

Two decades after Sept. 11, we’re still letting them down, Kevin Singer writes.