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The letters "AI" in blue against a dark, futuristic, abstract background.

Readying Students for the AI Revolution

To prepare students for coming changes in the workforce, we are recommitting to three pedagogical practices, Molly Vollman Makris, Nate Mickelson and Ryan Coughlan write.

A drawing of a human brain hovering above computer hardware.

Don’t Assume Students Are Eager AI Adopters

Faculty and administrators shouldn’t assume students are jumping on the AI bandwagon, Andrea L. Guzman writes.

Embrace AI To Boost Your Enrollment Marketing Team’s Productivity

Advantages include: automation, personalization and increased engagement.

A stack of three books, stamped with the words "Diversity," "Equity" and "Inclusion."

10 Ways to Appropriate DEI

Advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion should be wary of these 10 (mis)uses of the language and principles of DEI, Alena Wolflink writes.

Generative AI Is Only as Good as the Prompt You Give It

It is ironic that much of the early conversation about ChatGPT had to do with the demise of writing skills when, in fact, the very success of generative-AI searches is determined by the quality of precisely written prompts.

Teacher writes a big C on a blackboard

Getting a Grasp on Grade Grubbing

Over the past three years, the leniency with grading and academic standards has hurt both faculty members and students, and we need to reset expectations, writes Kerry O’Grady.